November 2022 Special General Meeting

November 2022 Special General Meeting of the Auckland Chess Association was held on Sunday 6th November 2022 at Auckland Chess Centre.

November 2022 Special General Meeting

Special General Meeting (SGM) of the Auckland Chess Association was held at 7.30pm on Sunday 6th November 2022 at Auckland Chess Centre. Minutes of the SGM are available below.


Minutes of Special General Meeting held at Auckland Chess Centre on 6th November 2022


John McRae (chair) (Papatoetoe), Daniel Johns (minutes) (North Shore); Keong Ang and Timothy Ha (Auckland Chess Centre); Manoj Asrani and Stuart Vogel (Auckland Central); Martin Dreyer (Howick-Pakuranga); Helen Milligan and Neil Gunn (North Shore); Ronald Hamalala (Papatoetoe). Counties Chess Club, Summit Chess Club, and Waitakere Chess Club were not represented.

The meeting opened at 7:30 PM.

Apologies from Bruce Pollard, Ron Lanning, Stan Yee, Chris Joel, Paul Postma, and Alex Postma were noted.

Notified remit:
The following remit had been given in the notice of meeting:

That the current committee be dissolved with immediate effect, and new elections for all positions of the ACA Executive committee be held, namely





Four (4) committee members

John reported that ACA President Bruce Pollard, being unable to attend the meeting due to having COVID, had requested a postponement of the meeting; Keong said that such a postponement would be improper. John expressed concern about Bruce not being able to speak to the motion; Neil noted that Bruce had had an opportunity to send a submission in writing or by email, but had not done so. Martin proposed that, unless anybody wished to speak against the remit, it should be immediately put.

The remit was put, and was carried unanimously.

Election of officers:

Martin moved a vote of thanks to the outgoing committee, which was carried (seconded Neil).

Papatoetoe Chess Club had previously circulated the following nominations for the Executive (conditional on passage of the remit):

President: Keong Ang

Vice-president: John McRae

Secretary: Helen Milligan

Treasurer: Manoj Asrani

Committee members:

Timothy Ha

Paul Postma

Roy Uta’i

Ronald Hamalala

John proposed to begin with election of the President. Martin suggested that, unless there were other nominations, all nominees should be declared as elected in a single motion.

Paul Postma and Alex Postma (Papatoetoe) arrived at 7:42 PM.

Martin enquired whether Helen was confident that she would have sufficient time to handle her duties as ACA Secretary; Helen replied that she was.

All nominees were unanimously declared as elected unopposed (moved Daniel/seconded Martin).

The chair passed to Keong Ang.

Other business: Martin sought to move that the complaint made by Bruce dismissed; but Keong pointed out this was improper, being outside the notified business of the meeting. Neil noted that he hoped the incoming President would ensure that the complaint was cleared up in a transparent manner.

The meeting closed at 7:50 PM.

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