2023 ACA Junior Interclubs

2023 ACA Junior Interclubs is a chess tournament between teams of 4 players from member clubs held on 28th October at Auckland Chess Centre.
Auckland Chess Centre teams A and B, Junior Interclub Champions.

2023 ACA Junior Interclubs

2023 Auckland Chess Association (ACA) Junior Interclubs would be played with rapid time control of 25 minutes per player plus 5 seconds increment per move over 6 rounds at Auckland Chess Centre.

Tournament administration software would be Orion with results published on Vega Results. Photos in ACA’s Facebook photo album.

Final standings were:

  1. AC A = Auckland Chess Centre A. 11/12 match points, 18.5/24 game points.
  2. AC B = Auckland Chess Centre B. 10/12 match points, 17.5/24 game points.
  3. NS A = North Shore Chess Club A. 9/12 match points, 14.5/24 game points.
  4. SU A = Summit Chess Club A. 7/12 match points, 15.5/24 game points.
  5. SU B = Summit Chess Club B. 7/12 match points, 13.5/24 game points.
  6. WT = Waitakere Chess Club. 5/12 match points, 12/24 game points.
  7. NS B = North Shore Chess Club B. 4/12 match points, 12/24 game points.
  8. HP B = Howick Pakuranga Chess Club B. 4/12 match points, 7.5/24 game points.
  9. HP A = Howick Pakuranga Chess Club A. 2/12 match points, 5/24 game points.
  10. PT = Papatoetoe Chess Club. 1/12 match points, 4/24 game points.


Congratulations to Auckland Chess Centre for becoming Junior Interclubs Champion with both teams placing first and second.

Games in all rounds are played according to the following schedule:

Start TimeDayDate
5pmSaturday14th October 2023Junior Confirmation of participation due
5pmSaturday21st October 2023Junior Submission of teams player lists due
5pmFriday27th October 2023Junior Final late changes to players due
9amSaturday28th October 2023Junior Players meeting
9.30amSaturday28th October 2023Junior round 1
10.45amSaturday28th October 2023Junior round 2
12pmSaturday28th October 2023Junior round 3
1pm estimatedSaturday28th October 2023Junior Lunch Break
2pmSaturday28th October 2023Junior round 4
3.15pmSaturday28th October 2023Junior round 5
4.30pmSaturday28th October 2023Junior round 6

ACA member clubs would confirm whether they are participating and number of teams (of 4 players) they would be entering (up to 2 teams per club) by Saturday 14th October 2023. Teams would would need to confirm who their 4 players are by 5pm 21st October 2023. Final late changes to team players may be made until 5pm 27th October 2023. Games start at 9.30am 28th October 2023.

Venue for all rounds of 2023 ACA Junior Interclubs is:

Auckland Chess Centre exterior view
Auckland Chess Centre

17 Cromwell Street, Mount Eden.

2023 ACA Junior Interclubs Regulations


This is a tournament between teams of 4 players where each of the 8 ACA member clubs are entitled to form up to 2 teams resulting in a maximum of 16 teams participating. Prior to the start of the first round, each team must supply a “team list” that would list the 4 players who are playing exclusively for that team in all rounds. Players in the team list must be members of the team’s club and cannot represent another club in any other ACA tournament. No more players may be added to the team list once the first round has started. All players must be under the age of 14 (not attained age 14 or above in 2022)


Swiss system tournament of 6 rounds. Number of rounds would be reduced or format changed into single round robin if an insufficient number of teams participate.

Board Order

Team board order determined through the following rating priority.

  1. FIDE rapid
  2. FIDE standard
  3. NZCF rapid
  4. NZCF standard

Ratings are from the relevant published rating list that is current at start of tournament.

Time Control

25 minutes per player, 5 seconds increment per move.

Games would be FIDE and NZCF rated if possible.

Scoring System

Standings would be determined by match points.

Any ties broken through tiebreaks in the following order:

  1. Game points
  2. Direct encounter
  3. Weighted boards.
  4. More tiebreaks may be utilised if required.

Tournament administration software would be Orion that would perform all calculations.


Chief Arbiter/Organiser: IA Keong Ang

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