2021 ACA B-Grade Interclubs – Round 1 of 5

2021 ACA B-Grade Interclubs Round 1 of 5 report of games held on 4th July in Stables Cafe at Alexandra Park.
2021 B Grade Interclubs Round 1

2021 ACA B-Grade Interclubs – Round 1 of 5

2021 ACA B-Grade Round 1 of the interclubs was held in Stables Cafe at Alexandra Park. Start of games were delayed by almost half an hour due to lack of scoresheets. Scoresheets were kindly provided by Auckland Chess Centre after a quick drive there.

Round 1 of 5 pairings for games scheduled to begin at 6.30pm Sunday 4th July 2021 were:

  • NS-HP
  • PT-AC
  • SU-WT


Team listed on the left of the pairing would have white on odd numbered boards.


  • AC = Auckland Chess Centre.
  • HP = Howick Pakuranga Chess Club.
  • NS = North Shore Chess Club.
  • PT = Papatoetoe Chess Club.
  • SU = Summit Chess Club.
  • WT = Waitakere Chess Club.


Full details are available in this Google Docs spreadsheet. Round 1 results are summarised in the tables below:

Round 1RatingPlayerScorePlayerRating
BoardNS3 : 3HP
1.1649Barnett-Harris, Lucas1 : 0Hackney, Connor1669
2.1625Wang, Daniel1 : 0Booth, Anthony1597
3.1505Kamberi, Paul0 : 1Liu, Zikun Kenneth1524
4.1499Yu, Zachary0 : 1Pan, Alexander Hanrui1506
5.1397Gan, Emily0 : 1Zhao, Jay Zi Xuan1457
6.1211Liu, William Rui1 : 0Wang, Chris1152
Round 1RatingPlayerScorePlayerRating
BoardPT3 : 3AC
1.1749Guan, Ar John1 : 0Peak, Stephen1688
2.1619Uta`i, Roy0.5 : 0.5Michael, Andrew1603
3.1543Hooton, Barry R0 : 1Po`e-Tofaeono, Hunter1486
4.1543Maroroa, Temu0 : 1Bhatt, Daksh1384
5.1472Patdu, Ariel0.5 : 0.5Somaraju, Sai Vivan Karthikeya1336
6.1460Bihani, Gagan1 : 0Bhatt, Mantra1287
Round 1RatingPlayerScorePlayerRating
BoardSU3 : 3WT
1.1665Zara, Baraa0 : 1Akshay Sharma1778
2.1531Gong, Jie0 : 1Ravi, Narasimhan Lakshmi1765
3.1483Zhu, David Junyang1 : 0Ramirez, Ronald1759
4.1454Yuan, Hong1 : 0Pollard, Bruce1688
5.1429Wang, Justin Zhide1 : 0Wensauer, Florian1466
6.1412Zhao, Brian0 : 1Salmon, Joshua1328
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