2021 ACA A-Grade Interclubs – Round 2 of 5

2021 ACA A-Grade Interclubs Round 2 of 5 report of games held on 2nd May in Stables Cafe at Alexandra Park.
2021 A grade interclubs round 2 outside view

2021 ACA A-Grade Interclubs – Round 2 of 5

2021 ACA A-Grade Round 2 of the interclubs was held in the Stables Cafe at Alexandra Park. The main cafe floor is only able to accommodate 4 teams. Therefore, 2 teams, Howick Pakuranga and North Shore had to play in a side room.

Round 2 of 5 pairings for games beginning 6.30pm Sunday 2nd May 2021 were:

  • AC-PT
  • WT-SU
  • HP-NS



  • AC = Auckland Chess Centre.
  • HP = Howick Pakuranga Chess Club.
  • NS = North Shore Chess Club.
  • PT = Papatoetoe Chess Club.
  • SU = Summit Chess Club.
  • WT = Waitakere Chess Club.


Results of games are in this Google Spreadsheet. Round 2 results are summarised in the tables below:

Round 2RatingPlayerScorePlayerRating
BoardAC5 : 1PT
1.2393FM Ang, Alphaeus Wei Ern1 : 0CM Bennett, Hilton2072
2.2307FM Steadman, Michael V R0 : 1CM Picken, Oliver1995
3.2266FM Duneas, John1 : 0Vital, Henry1985
4.2126CM Huang, Alex1 : 0CM Yee, Stanley1976
5.1963McDougall, Euan1 : 0Holdo, Karl1915
6.1947WCM Ning, Isabelle Yixuan1 : 0Buis, Michael1803
Round 2RatingPlayerScorePlayerRating
BoardWT2 : 4SU
1.2143Morrell, Gord0 : 1Xie, Felix2212
2.2044Macdonald, Paul0 : 1Tang, Hao1976
3.1928Bishop, Everett0.5 : 0.5Ha, Huy Minh (Timothy)1956
4.1910Le Grange, Rauen0 : 1Zhang, Kendrick Botong1908
5.1853Joel, Chris1 : 0Mao, Daqi1836
6.1759Ramirez, Ronald0.5 : 0.5Qin, Oscar Shu Xuan1786
Round 2RatingPlayerScorePlayerRating
BoardHP3 : 3NS
1.2331FM Gong, Daniel Hanwen0.5 : 0.5Hart, Ralph2280
2.2263FM Dreyer, Martin0 : 1CM Meng, Richard2094
3.2250FM Green, Ewen M0.5 : 0.5Isaac, Ceferino1945
4.2113WIM Zhang, Jasmine Haomo1 : 0Hair, Philip I1916
5.2037CM Lim, Benjamin U1 : 0Johns, Daniel1873
6.1919Dai, Oliver0 : 1Li, Andrew1726
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