2019 ACA Junior Interclubs

2019 ACA Junior Interclubs was held on 9th June at Lyell Creek Lounge, Alexandra Park.
2019 ACA Junior interclubs winning team players

2019 ACA Junior Interclubs

The Auckland Chess Association Junior Interclubs was not decided until the finish of the final game. The top three teams were split only by the smallest of tie-breaks. During the event, North Shore A beat Summit A who beat ACC A who beat North Shore A – and finally Summit A finished … at the summit! Congratulations to the new member of ACA!

  • 1st Summit CC A (Oscar Shu Xuan Qin, Ethan Liu, Brian Zhao, Daqi Mao – pictured, anticlockwise, from top right)
  • 2nd North Shore CC A (CM Richard Meng, Andrew Li, Kendrick Zhang, Allen Li)
  • 3rd Auckland Chess Centre A (Felix Xie, Winston Weng, Isabelle Ning, Abraham Deng)


Best players:

  • Bd 1: Felix Xie, CM Richard Meng, and Oscar Shu Xuan Qin all on 4/5
  • Bd 2: Andrew Li 5/5
  • Bd 3: Jack Chen, Isabelle Ning, and Charlotte Ray all on 4/5
  • Bd 4: Daqi Mao 5/5


Full results on Orion: ACA Junior Interclubs

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