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COVID-19 Update

All Auckland Chess Association events will remain cancelled while under COVID-19 Level 2 restrictions.

Announcement from the New Zealand Chess Federation re Covid-19 Level 2

The anticipated upcoming transition to Level 2 restrictions will not affect the current position for chess. No official NZCF over-the-board chess tournaments or NZCF/FIDE rated games will take place in New Zealand on Level 2. Two further upcoming tournaments have now been cancelled, the New Zealand Junior Championship, and the North island Championship, both scheduled for this July.

Because chess is a game where the players sit indoors in close proximity, over lengthy periods, NZCF Council takes the view that New Zealand needs to move to Level 1 before official tournament competition can resume.

2020 ACA Events

Until further notice: all Auckland Chess Association events for 2020 are cancelled due to COVID-19.

Announcement from the NZ Chess Federation

In view of the COVID-19 virus situation, and in line with New Zealand Government advice on preventing transmission, the New Zealand Chess Federation Council passes the following resolution:

1. All NZCF Regional Interschools events for 2020 are cancelled until further notice

2. NZCF does not sanction or support the staging of any tournaments in New Zealand until further notice. Any such tournaments that take place will not be rated or recognised by the Federation, and no such events scheduled prior to 30th June shall be advertised on the NZCF Calendar.

3. NZCF strongly advises all Chess Clubs, whether affiliated to NZCF or not, to suspend activities.

It is with great regret that NZCF Council takes such a step. As chess is a game where the two players sit in close proximity of each other for lengthy periods of time, NZCF Council feels it appropriate to err on the side of caution in these unprecedented times.

NZCF Council will review the position at the end of June 2020.


The AGM was held at 6:30pm on Sunday March 1st at the Stables Café, Alexandra Park.
2020 AGM Minutes
Subsequent Committee meeting, March 1st

The documents for the meeting are available here (as pdf downloads):
Notice of meeting and Agenda
2019 AGM Minutes
Accounts, part 1 & Accounts, part 2
Report on last year

ACA Interschool Finals

All-play-all sections comprised of the top Auckland teams from the five regions - the events will be submitted for FIDE rating.
Primary: 1st (on tiebreak) Hillsborough Primary (Tyleah Po'e-Tofaeono, Grayson Po'e-Tofaeono, Hunter Po'e-Tofaeono, Abraham Chanwong, Ayaan Vasudeva)
Intermediate: 1st (beating all the others) Takapuna Normal Intermediate (CM Richard Meng, Matthew Chen, Jeffrey Yu, Eddie Kim)
Secondary: 1st (on tiebreak) Auckland Grammar (FM Daniel Gong, FM Allen Fan, James Jiayu Liu, Daljit Dhillon).

Dedicated webpage: ACA Interschool Finals.
Photos in a public Facebook album at NZ Chess News

ACA B-Grade Interclubs

The B-Grade Interclubs, for players below 1800 (NZCF rating) ended in victory for ACC.
Full results on Orion at ACA B-Grade Interclubs

Six teams took part in this event: 2 from Papatoetoe CC and one from each of Auckland Chess Centre, Summit CC, North Shore CC and Howick-Pakuranga CC. The venue was the Lyell Creek Lounge at Alexandra Park.

Pairings are as follows:
Round 1, 6:30pm on 23rd June
Papatoetoe B 0-6 Auckland CC
Howick-Pakuranga 1½-4½ Summit
Papatoetoe A 1-5 North Shore

Round 2, 6:30pm on 28th July
Auckland CC 3-3. North Shore
Summit 5-1 Papatoetoe A
Papatoetoe B 0F-6F Howick-Pakuranga

Round 3, 6:30pm on 11th August
Howick-Pakuranga 2-4 Auckland CC
Papatoetoe A 1½-4½ Papatoetoe B
North Shore 3-3 Summit

Round 4, 6:30pm on 1st September
Auckland CC 5-1 Summit
Papatoetoe B 0-6 North Shore
Howick-Pakuranga 4-2 Papatoetoe A

Round 5, 6:30pm on 8th September
Papatoetoe A ½-5½ Auckland CC
North Shore 3½-2½ Howick-Pakuranga
Summit 4½-1½ Papatoetoe B


A meeting was held at 6:00pm on Sunday May 5th at the Stables Café, Alexandra Park. The purpose of the meeting was to confirm rates for the hire of ACA equipment.

Minutes of the meeting are available here (as pdf download):
Committee meeting, May 5th
and a document detailing the equipment hire rates is available here:
ACA Equipment Hire rates

ACA Junior Interclubs

Training Tourney banner
The Auckland Chess Association Junior Interclubs was not decided until the finish of the final game. The top three teams were split only by the smallest of tie-breaks. During the event, North Shore A beat Summit A who beat ACC A who beat North Shore A - and finally Summit A finished ... at the summit! Congratulations to the new member of ACA!

1st Summit CC A (Oscar Shu Xuan Qin, Ethan Liu, Brian Zhao, Daqi Mao - pictured, anticlockwise, from top right)
2nd North Shore CC A (CM Richard Meng, Andrew Li, Kendrick Zhang, Allen Li)
3rd Auckland Chess Centre A (Felix Xie, Winston Weng, Isabelle Ning, Abraham Deng)

Best players:
Bd 1: Felix Xie, CM Richard Meng, and Oscar Shu Xuan Qin all on 4/5
Bd 2: Andrew Li 5/5
Bd 3: Jack Chen, Isabelle Ning, and Charlotte Ray all on 4/5
Bd 4: Daqi Mao 5/5

Full results on Orion: ACA Junior Interclubs

Peter Stuart Memorial Training Tourney

Training Tourney banner

A new initiative: North Shore Chess Club is using the bequest from Peter Stuart to promote chess, particularly junior chess.
NS hopes to run a series of FIDE-rated training tournaments, the first of which will take place over the weekend 20-21 July at the Eventfinda Stadium. For more information see the dedicated webpage, PSM Training Tourney.
GM Dejan Bojkov, coach of the NZL Open Olympiad team, will be one of the trainers going over games with players between rounds.

ACA A-Grade Interclubs

Auckland Chess Centre won the Peter Stuart Memorial Trophy for 2019.
Full results on Orion at ACA A-Grade Interclubs

Round 1 on Sunday May 5th at 18:30:
This was preceded by a meeting of the ACA Committee at 18:00.
Auckland CC 5-1 Papatoetoe CC
North Shore CC 2-4 Howick-Pakuranga CC
View the games here (most now available):

Round 2 on Sunday May 12th at 18:30:
Papatoetoe CC 2-4 Howick-Pakuranga CC
Auckland CC 5½-½ North Shore CC

Round 3 on Sunday May 26th at 18:30:
North Shore CC 4½-1½ Papatoetoe CC
Howick-Pakuranga CC 3½-2½ Auckland CC


The AGM was held at 6:30pm on Sunday March 3rd at the Stables Café, Alexandra Park.

Position Name
Chair Helen Milligan (North Shore)
Vice-Chair John McRae (Papatoetoe)
Secretary Daniel Johns (North Shore)
Treasurer Tingling Wei (North Shore)
Committee Members Keong Ang (Auckland)
  Simon Lyall (Auckland)
  Paul Morten (Howick-Pakuranga)
  Bruce Pollard (Waitakere)
  David Taylor (Papatoetoe)
  Ying Wang (Howick-Pakuranga)

Confirmed dates for tournaments:
A-Grade Interclub on May 5, 12, 26;
Junior Interclub (whole day event) on June 9;
B-Grade Interclub on June 23, July 28, August 11;
ACA Auckland Interschools Finals as usual on the Wednesday (September 25th) preceding the National Interschools Finals;
Lightning Teams - to be decided.

Minutes of the meetings are available here (as pdf downloads):
AGM Minutes
Committee meeting, March 3rd

ACA Auckland Interschools Finals

General view

Secondary: Auckland Grammar School
Intermediate: Murrays Bay Intermediate
Primary: Pinehurst

Full results on Orion: Secondary; Intermediate; Primary.


Minutes of committee meetings are available here (as pdf downloads):
AGM Minutes
Committee meeting, March 18th
Committee meeting, June 10th
Committee meeting, August 26th

ACA Lightning Teams

Howick-Pakuranga CC

The winner was Howick-Pakuranga CC (left to right: Martin Dreyer, Ben Hague, Daniel Gong & Ewen Green).
Team scores: Howick-Pakuranga 52½, Auckland CC 48, North Shore 39½, Papatoetoe A 16, Papatoetoe B 4.
Best player scores: Ben Hague 15½/16, Ewen Green & Alexei Kulashko 14, Paul Garbett 13.
More photos can be found on the NZ Chess News Facebook page (no login required): NZ Chess News.
Thanks to NZ Chess News for putting up a Vega version: Lightning Teams

Howick-Pakuranga CC

Jenkins Trophy Match

Jenkins Trophy

Howick-Pakuranga CC challenged the holders, North Shore CC, at the beginning of the season. Subsequently they presented a request to ACA to reduce the number of boards to 12. This was declined. On the night, H-P turned up with the full complement (on paper) of 20 boards, including 8 titled players (to North Shore's 2), and out-rating NS on team average and on a majority of boards. Nevertheless, North Shore held on to the Jenkins Trophy, 13-7.
Thanks to NZ Chess News for putting up a Vega version with games play-through and download: Jenkins Trophy Match
Download the games here (pgn file).
More photos can be found on the NZ Chess News Facebook page (no login required): NZ Chess News.

1 FM Ben Hague 2495 1 : 0 IM Paul Garbett 2333
2 FM Leonard McLaren 2337 0F : 1F Ralph Hart 2276
3 FM Daniel Gong 2320 1 : 0 Jeffrey McCrone 2141
4 FM Martin Dreyer 2263 ½ : ½ Paul McAvoy 2100e
5 FM Ewen Green 2250 1 : 0 Ceferino Isaac 2083
6 CM Benjamin Lim 2063 0 : 1 David Evans 2069
7 WFM Jasmine Zhang 2039 0 : 1 Antonio Krstev 2067
8 CM Paul Spiller 2038 ½ : ½ Neil Gunn 1990
9 Terry Shen 1978 1 : 0 Daniel Johns 1969
10 Andrew Janisz 1947 0F : 1F Philip Hair 1894
11 Raj Balakeyan 1922 0 : 1 Arnold van den Heuvel 1873
12 Oliver Dai 1890 ½ : ½ Winston Yao 1860
13 Leyton Hackney 1744 0 : 1 CM Richard Meng 1842
14 Anthony Power 1661 0 : 1 Andrew Li 1668
15 Anthony Booth 1621 0 : 1 Alex Pakholjuk 1572
16 Connor Hackney 1545 ½ : ½ Paul Kamberi 1563
17 David Nie 1494 ½ : ½ Allen Li 1546
18 Daniel Qiu 1377 ½ : ½ Stephen Jones 1515
19 Ying Wang 1312 0 : 1 Jeffrey Yu 1385
20 Ryan Dukeson 1307 0 : 1 Kendrick Zhang 1337
    7 : 13  

Auckland B-Grade Interclubs

Winston Weng
There was a tense battle in Round 3, because it was just possible for Howick-Pakuranga CC to overtake Auckland Chess Centre and win the event. The critical moment arrived when Winston Weng of ACC (pictured with the trophy) beat Scott Smith of Papatoetoe CC, giving ACC too many points to be caught. So Auckland Chess Centre are the winners of the B-Grade Interclubs for 2018.
Round 3
Papatoetoe CC 3-3 Auckland Chess Centre
North Shore CC 1-5 Howick-Pakuranga CC

B-Grade Interclubs
The B-Grade Interclubs event is for teams of players rated under 1800 on the NZCF rating list. We decided to keep using the March list, as the July list came out on the morning of the first round and it would have been a bit cruel to send home those players who have now gone over 1800!
Round 1
Howick-Pakuranga CC 1-5 Auckland Chess Centre
Papatoetoe CC 3-3 North Shore CC
Round 2
Auckland Chess Centre 5-1 North Shore CC
Howick-Pakuranga CC 5-1 Papatoetoe CC
Full results on Orion: B-Grade Interclubs
Lots of photos from Rounds 1 and 3 can be found on Facebook (no login required): NZ Chess News.

Auckland Junior Interclubs

Junior Interclubs

A very closely contested event ended in victory for the North Shore A team, aided by North Shore B (in third) who held up the opposition! The Auckland Red team finished second.
Full results on Orion: Junior Interclubs.
Lots of photos on Facebook (no login required): NZ Chess News.

Auckland Interschools Finals

The winners of the Interschools events in the Auckland region (East, West, South, Central, North Shore) are invited to take part in the Auckland Finals. These will be held in three sections, Primary, Intermediate and Secondary, on Wednesday 26th September, at the Auckland Chess Centre. More details and Orion links can be found on our Calendar page.

A-Grade Interclubs

Interclubs Round 3

Top board battles, AC (left) versus HP

In the third and final round on June 10th, Howick-Pakuranga narrowly beat Auckland Chess Centre, 3½ to 2½. That left both teams equal first on 12 gamepoints each. North Shore CC could have joined them in first place by beating Papatoetoe 6-0 but faltered at the last and only managed 5½-½.
The 2018 A-Grade Auckland Interclubs Champions are Howick-Pakuranga CC and Auckland Chess Centre. They share the Peter Stuart Memorial Trophy.
Full results on Orion: A-Grade Interclubs

In the second round on May 20th, Auckland duly wiped out Papatoetoe 6-0, but Howick-Pakuranga, huge favourites on rating, lost 2½-3½ to North Shore.

The first round of the Auckland A-Grade Interclubs took place on May 6th. Four teams are competing for the Peter Stuart Memorial Trophy.
Auckland managed to beat North Shore, just, with the score 3½-2½. Howick-Pakuranga were more emphatic with a 6-0 victory over Papatoetoe. The next round is on May 20th (see our Calendar for more information).

Interclubs Round 1

Top board games, NS v AC


The Annual General Meeting on March 18th confirmed Helen Milligan as President of ACA, with John McRae as Vice-President, Daniel Johns as Secretary, and Tingling Wei as Treasurer.

The AGM was followed by a committee meeting and the Minutes of both are available here (as pdf downloads):
AGM Minutes
Committee meeting
Dates of Interclub matches were set and can be found on our Calendar page. Pairings are also available.

Peter Stuart, RIP

At our first meeting of 2018 we observed a minute's silence for our departed friend and colleague, then had the sad duty of nominating someone to take over his position of President of ACA until the AGM in March.

As a fitting memorial to his long and dedicated service, we agreed to name the A-Grade Interclub trophy after him - it will henceforth be the Peter Stuart Memorial Trophy.

A Memorial Service to celebrate the life of Peter Stuart will be held at the Chapel of Forrest Funeral Services, 8 Glen Road, Browns Bay on Monday 19th February 2018 at 11 am. Everyone is welcome.

Peter Stuart Peter Stuart Peter Stuart
Peter Stuart Peter Stuart Peter Stuart

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